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We believe that delicious and nutritious food should be easily accessible, even on the go

At Carbon Neutral Vending we are committed to providing fresh food options to our customers. That’s why we offer a daily selection of freshly made sandwiches, wraps, rolls, baguettes, with a range of additional snack options to choose from including pastries, porridges, yoghurts and fruit. Ensuring there is something for everyone.

By providing your workforce with a diverse range of easy to access fresh and nutritious food options, our fresh food vending solutions help businesses foster a culture of inclusivity, health and wellbeing, enhancing productivity throughout the day.

1. In House Kitchen:

Working closely with fresh food provider Grub Hub, all sandwiches, wraps, rolls, baguettes, and ciabattas are prepared each day in our dedicated in-house kitchen, allowing us to respond to current consumption trends as well as our customer’s needs, to ensure the highest food standards, alongside quality ingredients.

2. On the go Food:

Alongside our fresh food offering we also supply a wide range of popular well-known fast-food alternatives, including Ginster Slices, Walls Sausage Rolls, Rustler Burgers and Muffins, Pukka Pies, Thai Noddles, Pot Noodles and Pasta Pots. By offering a diverse array of fresh food options alongside popular convenient fresh food snacks, your workforce will be spoilt for choice.

3. Wholesome and Nutritious Options:

We firmly believe that healthy food should be absolutely delicious too. With this in mind, all of our sandwiches, wraps, rolls, baguettes and ciabattas are crafted with care, ensuring a balance of wholesome ingredients that provide essential nutrients to fuel your day. We also offer a selection of Waitrose ready meals, salads, soups and pieces of fruit that will keep your workforce energised throughout the day.

4. Sustainability:

By working closely with our onsite fresh provider Grub Hub, we are able to further reduce our carbon footprint associated with the preparation of fresh food. By keeping food production in-house we are able to minimise additional transportation and fuel emissions that are often generated, whilst equally supporting local suppliers who also share our commitment towards a sustainable economy.

Please note that the specific menu items and descriptions can be customised according to your company’s offerings and preferences.

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